TechnoGuru, led by its founder Pranab Kumar Beriya, is one of the leading system integrator
offering services from Audio Video to Security to IT Services. We were the 1st company in India
to sell High End Audio & Video Products online from our website


TechnoGuru believes in developing strong insights on Indian consumers and
building businesses based on Indian ideas, as espoused in the group’s core
value of ‘Indians’. 


TechnoGuru seeks to offer the latest in international market giving access to
Indian customers the plethora of products that has been released


Customized technology to add happiness in your lifestyle.

TechnoGuru is the one stop system solution for all Audio Video, Security, Fire, BMS, 
Automation  EPABX, Networking, IT Solutions. We endeavors to create a technology driven market
in India, that enthuses customers to select the best products across a multiplicity of brands
both national and international. We seeks to offer a point of post sales services for all products
sold by us.

TechnoGuru has a dedicated team that works solely to field questions or queries, publish quotes,
suggest recommendations from / to the customers. We offer customized solutions / suggestions
to one’s technology needs.